Friday, December 20, 2013

Laylas apox

Ethan Dyer
Per 5
Layla’s Apocalypse

            Finally, the sea welled up against the earth and devoured it.
            The dream had started almost three weeks ago, and since the first night not once had Layla slept without having the same hellish dream. In the dream, all of earth’s natural forces suddenly awoke, and destroyed the entire planet.
Layla thought about how she would deal with her day.
Layla found herself in the kitchen. She did not remember being there. She was not hungry. She had a sick feeling in her stomach.
There was something wrong, but Layla wasn't worried. These things happened. Things seemed normal, and that’s how they played out, normally.
Layla watched with indifference as people she knew, women and children were torn apart by wild animals. The streets ran red with blood and the floods carried the bodies and limbs of all people. Something about this dream felt slightly different, more worrying. She felt like someone she cared about was in danger.
The next day went as a normal day would go. And Layla thought nothing of it.
She closed her eyes at night, and everything changed. This was different, it was dark, and cold. A great crack opened in the Earth, and out of it came pure evil. She was shown the death of her grandfather, the last of her living family. It was violent, and Layla woke up crying.
A month passed, and Layla began to lose her sanity as the dreams became more terrible. She became convinced that this apocalypse was legitimate, and impending. She decided to spend her final moments with her grandfather, at his home.
The cross country trip, which spanned over four days, was grueling for Layla. She felt that at any moment the world would open, and she would be consumed.
Layla slept in a motel one night, and had her worst nightmare yet. She tortured and killed her grandfather with gardening shears. And upon waking she vomited violently.
She moved in on a Sunday, and when she got in the house her grandfather was at church. Layla decided to take a nap, after an exhausting journey, a nap which would change everything.
As soon as she shut her eyes she saw fire. Blood rained from the sky and bodies lay in the streets. Her grandfather was dead. And Layla, in this dream, escaped. She floated into the sky and woke up soon after.
Layla decided to kill her grandfather, to save him from the impending doom. He would die quickly, so he wouldn't have to experience the end. Planning this was difficult, she had to be able to get away with the murder for some time, until the world ended.
One Sunday morning, she waited for him to come home from church, and split his head with an ax she had found in the gardening shed. She cut him up, and put him in the upstairs bathtub on ice, to stop the smell.
That night Layla had a disturbing experience, she did not dream. Something was wrong. This disturbed her deeply. She woke up to an even more disturbing sight, a police cruiser in her driveway.
Layla ran out the back door, got in her car, and sped away. Crying hysterically. She had done wrong, and she had no faith now that the end was near. As she drove down the highway going as fast as her car would take her, something strange happened. Her car began to lift into the air. Layla screamed but felt comfortable.

She heard a great cracking noise as she rose up, and when she looked back over her shoulder she saw a split in the earth, and out came fire and hell. Layla looked to the sky as she rose into the clouds, leaving the dying world behind her.